007 Universe ???

007 Universe ???

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007 UNIVERSE Resort and Spa, the brainchild of an entrepreneur, supported by its brand ambassador AMER SHIRAZ, the 007 universe opened its doors to discerning guests in December 2011 in Panama, Central America famous for its Panama Canal, the engineering marvel connecting Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Situated on a hilltop in 125 acres of lush green farmland owned by Posh Holdings ​Group Inc​.​ with breathtaking views of the rolling hills and Pacific Ocean this boutique hotel and resort provides tastefully decorated and furnished rooms with private terraces overlooking ​the ​infinity pool and 240 degree direct view of the Ocean . Various amenities include two restaurants, discotheque, bar, games room, conference room, gym, steam room, jacuzzi, beauty salon and a heliport.

Impressed and encouraged by the success story the idea ​flew 15​,​000 kms away ​straight ​to INDIA, where the first of the many franchises set its foot at KHANDPE, near ​Karjat between Mumbai and Pune.

This is an exceptionally well designed and built theme​d​ boutique hotel / resort, perhaps the first of its kind, a must see destination! Located within direct access & view of Ulhas river with 360 degree panoramic views of the Sahyadri mountain range, open countryside, serene atmosphere away from noise and pollution, some 7 kms from Karjat city. Rail / bus stations almost equidistant from Mumbai / Pune (Approx 90 kms).

Well, if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of Mr. 007 Universe or better still, might get a chance to dine and dance with him at the resort. So hurry up and try your luck.​

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