Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face

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With exceptional facilities and amenities, out of this world location & surroundings & easy accessibility by air, car and rail at our disposal, we have decided to launch a modern, Members Only social club, perhaps only one of the few in the world, that can provide our internet based members a live meeting place to meet and know each other in total privacy and security.

Members will need to provide personal details backed by appropriate photo ID's, financial / police verification to ensure absolute authenticity.

All information will be confidential and divulged to only those members who share similar information. Members are required not to rely entirely on our info and do their own due diligence for added safety.

Needless to specify that this is a privileged membership giving members access to all resort facilities and cost savings. First 100 members will be free of charge (50 males, 50 females)

Kindly Submit your Enquiry and get a quick Call Back from our Sales Reps.