About Amer Shiraz

THE ONE    AND    ONLY ONE    Amer Shiraz is the 007 Universe

Amer Shiraz is a highly educated, medical graduate with MBA & a world traveler from England - a flamboyant gentleman with a suave and sophisticated personality. Blessed with brown eyes, chiseled face and a rugged lean body, Mr. 007 Universe is a true lady killer!

A former flight lieutenant skilled to handle handguns, rifles, machine guns, grenades, helicopters / fixed wing planes flying & target shooting. Trained to kill with bare hands, martial arts expert, Amer (pronounced as ‘aImer’) got educated at various academies including Army Medical Corps, Ken Bu Kan Martial Arts Centre, Newcastle International Airport & Yorkshire Helicopter Centre, Doncaster.

Born to live life to the fullest, Mr. 007 Universe believes in ​Live everyday as if there is no tomorrow, A strong force, a fierce fighter, a witty hero who dares and... wins!

To know more about 007universe email: 007@007universe.com. If you haven’t seen Mr. 007 Universe in action, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN YET.

Adventures of AMER SHIRAZ